“Judges are required to judge dogs against all elements of the breed standard, it is a balanced view. Judges cannot ask for a dog to be withdrawn due to colour – the term withdrawn relates to temperament and canine health and welfare issues (Regulation F(1)21o refers). Similarly a judge cannot exclude a dog from competition due to it having a nonstandard colour (Regulation F(1)21n refers). Colour is only one part of the breed standard and judges must judge dogs against all elements of the breed standard and then weigh up the merits of each dog and place accordingly. Of course awards can be withheld if there is a lack of sufficient merit in an exhibit and/or class and it is possible that reference to non-standard colour could be considered within this general term.”

Breed Council Judging List

​The Breed Council and its member clubs use one central judging list. This list documents individuals who have expressed a wish to develop in the breed, are approved by the Breed Council and are willing to assess the breed to the breed standard whilst understanding the aspects of it's health and well being.

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If you are on the list and any of the details are incorrect please contact the Judges Coordinator via informing us and we will update your details. Please state which list are you on.

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  • Gwen Biddle Edwards
  • Bill Johnson
  • Dave Rodgers
  • Ryan Rodgers
  • Sue Garside
  • Maria Taylor
  • Sonia Saxon