The source of the shocking statement about Bulldogs is from a combination of information from Vets practices involved with The Vets Compass Data Collection and Insurance Companies, both of which deal only with sick dogs. No healthy dogs were included in the statistics and no reference is made to the percentage of the sick dogs compared to the mass population of Bulldogs alive in the UK. . We have no confirmation that the dogs used were actually purebred Bulldogs. All Bulldog type breeds come under the umbrella of The Bulldog.

The Bulldog Breed Council Health Scheme is to encourage breeders to carry out the relevant breed-specific health tests including the University of Cambridge/Kennel Club Respiratory Function Grading Scheme .

Over the past 11 years, that the scheme has been running we have seen a marked improvement in the health of Bulldogs bred by responsible and caring breeders who make use of the evidence-based tools available.

Every negative comment that refers to conformation and health can be negated by simply referring to the standard, it does not call for exaggeration in any part. The breed standard was written to help us breed dogs that look like bulldogs, but also to produce healthy dogs.

We acknowledge that there is a large percentage of breeders that are outside of the show population that do not make use of the breeding tools available , to encourage the breeding of healthy , breed type puppies.

The Bulldog Breed Council would like to work with The Kennel Club to find a better means of communication to educate the public away from Social Media Posts advertising ‘so called’ Bulldogs of various types, colours and size that are purposely bred for exaggeration.