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                 Recommended Vets

Latest information dated February 1st 2022 . List is now complete and correct at this date . However, we do have some concerns : During Covid there has been a change in how vets operate ,this has affected the number of vets on our Health testing scheme . Many are overloaded with the increase in dogs bought during the pandemic ,so much so, even my own vet has limited its care of new patients within a 3 mile radius of the Surgery . I do not believe this will stop many of our vets continuing in trying to help improve the Health of Bulldogs permanently , some have asked to be removed due to retirement ,and some are now under management that is not wanting to continue with our Bulldog Breed council Testing scheme . The Health Committee and the Breed clubs are going to set up some testing days ,hopefully country wide ,with the help of clubs to try to fill this gap. See Further announcements in the Bulldog Gazette online . The Respiratory Function Grading scheme [to identify BOAS] does not belong to the Bulldog Breed Council it is a joint venture of the Kennel Club and Cambridge University ,who control and operate it. If you have used a vet who consistently has looked after your bulldog you are asked to send in a recommendation and if we ask them and they agree this can increase the spread of vets ,we are particularly struggling in the South East.

Frequently asked questions

1 Who are these Veterinarians?

Answer: When we started the health scheme 12 years ago now, we asked breeders to tell us about their vets that go the extra mile for Bulldogs, some of these are still on our list.

2 Are they Bulldog Specialists?

Answer: NO there is NO veterinary qualification especially for Bulldogs , most vets on our list want us to make that clear .The most we can say is they ‘like’ bulldogs and have given good service to the breeders who have used them usually over a long period of time .Bulldogs are welcome clientele.

3 What can they do for us?

Answer : They are all able to do the Basic Bronze Health test and part of the silver requirement, i.e. Putnam Score  BUT since July 2019 when the Kennel Club extended is Respiratory Grading Scheme, the testing for a dogs BOAS status must be done by a vet trained by Cambridge and the Kennel Club and are listed separately from our recommended list .

4 Are some of the vets trained by Cambridge/Kennel Club?

Answer : Yes some are, there are 40 vets UK wide who have joined up to the KC scheme. The full information  about how their scheme works can be found on this link https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/rfgs

 The  Veterinarians who are regional Assessors can be found here :


 5. How should I find out if the Recommended Vets on your list are still able to take Bulldog clients and if they do consultations on dogs out of their area?

Answer: Initially  contact should be made by phone and the question asked  and if a vet in the practice is named then they must be asked for , not every vet in these practices has the same interest or the confidence that we can say are bulldog friendly .

6. The practice on your list has been sold can we still trust them?

Answer:  A big change has happened in the veterinary profession and all over the country many small one man practices have been bought out by bigger concerns , this is why you must ask the question and for a named vet if one is listed , some practices will carry on as always with the same staff however some have very different ways of working. This is no reflection on their skills, but you must enquire if the vet is no longer employed there.


The Breed council only recommends these vets for you to contact, and cannot be responsible for any disputes or losses as we have no personal dealings with all of them, they are recommended by owners who have had good service .