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The UK Bulldog Breed Council are outraged by the Dutch Kennel Club decision announced on 18th May 2020 not to issue pedigrees for Brachycephalic breeds that meet the standard approved in their country of origin and by the FCl. The decision has been taken without agreement with the FCl which is their governing body or that of the UK Kennel Club which is the country of origin for the Bulldog.

The Breed Council working with the Kennel Club and the World renowned Veterinary College of Cambridge University have administered a Health Scheme, which, starting in 2006, with regular monitoring of data has helped the breed to address issues as and when they arise. The Bulldog Breed Council have worked very closely ever since with the breeders, the Kennel Club, Cambridge University BOAS team and experienced Vets to amend the scheme in line with well proven scientific evidence. The breeders in the UK and around the world including the Breeders in the Netherlands, continuously work extremely hard to improve the health of the breed while conforming to the standard.

The Dutch Kennel Club has not worked with breeders to improve health but has tried to force breeders to cross breed, which goes against advice from the breed clubs, the UK Kennel Club or the FCI and attempts to destroy the purity of our ancient breed and the other breeds it impacts.

By not issuing pedigrees to responsible breeders that breed with health and the standard in mind, all monitoring systems are removed. The demand for our breed will still exist, but ethical breeders will not be there to address it, leaving unethical breeders and puppy farms, to grow and prosper to fill the void.

We request that the Dutch Kennel Club revokes its decision, provides pedigrees and works with their ethical breeders as the UK Kennel Club have done and continue to do so. Many of these breeds in their country of origin have health schemes up and running, instead of destroying these breeds the Dutch Kennel Club should be putting more efforts in to preserving them.

Yours Sincerely,

Malcolm Presland.