Health Scheme

How to Health Test your Bulldog


• Make sure your bulldog is Kennel Club registered.

• Make sure your Bulldog is microchipped/Tattoo marked.

• Your bulldog must be 12 months old for Bronze/Silver Level and 24 months old for Gold Level.


Now go onto


• Go to the Health page, click on health, go down to Health Scheme page.

• This page has all you need to Know.

• Yellow, full criteria of our Health scheme, (read through thoroughly). (click on arrow to open)

• Red, this is the forms you need to download, print out and take with you to vets. There are two form download both forms. (click on arrow to open)

• Blue, this is the payment page. (click on arrow to open) Fill in form with all the details requested, (failure to do this can result in your form been delayed as this is a cross reference form for payment and spelling check. Proceed to Payment.

• Click on Health Certificate button and go through to cart, pay by PayPal, to complete your purchase.

• Green, (click on arrow to open) Go to the bottom of the page where there is a map with all our current vets that are participating in our scheme. You MUST use one of these vet’s failure to use these vets will result in form not been processed.

• Now take your Bulldog to one of the participating vets.

You only need to pay £10.00 once for all levels.

Check List


This is what needs to be sent in with each level you want to participate in. Failure to do so will result in a delay in your Certificate being issued. Please allow up to six weeks for the return of your certificate.




• Vet to fill in form and you keep a copy and send a copy to the Breed Council Administrator

• Send proof of payment.




• Send the Bronze health certificate number. (if doing both Bronze and Silver together no need)

• Send a copy of HUU results. Either a copy (not original) of Certificate for HUU or of the Bulldog registration form from KC proving both parents are HUU clear or hereditary clear.

• Send a copy (not original) of the Respiratory Functional Grading Scheme results.




• Send the Bronze and Silver certificate number in. (if doing both Bronze, Silver and Gold together no need)

• Copy of you BVA or ECVO eye examination. (not original)

• Copy of your heart auscultation examination. (not original)

• Send a copy (not original) of the Respiratory Functional Grading Scheme results. (not original)


Gold Stars

• All Gold stars need to be applied for, if your Bulldog has qualified for a Gold Star you must inform the Administrator, with proof /copies of the appropriate document.

The Breed Council wishes to draw this to your attention 

The Bulldog Breed Council Health Scheme is intended to be an assessment of the natural health and conformation of the dog.

Owners should send with their applications full details of any operations their dog has had so that it can be decided if this is likely to have an impact of the results of the assessments.

Depending on the level applied for many things are not likely to be considered relevant  and will not affect the issuing of a certificate but if information is not disclosed and at a later stage any dog is found to have undergone surgery that could have altered the results of any test e.g. soft palate reduction, surgery for Entropion and others, the Breed Council may decide to withdraw any awards given and in extreme circumstances the Breed Council may decide on a period of exclusion for an owner from participation in the scheme.

All documentation should have the dogs microchip number on.

Send by post to: Lieza Handley, Health Administrator, 18 Sandbeds Road, Willenhall, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV12 4EY.

Health Scheme Criteria 

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Download Your Form


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Approved Vets



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In 2006 the Bulldog Breed Council Health certificate was first developed as a breeding tool.
We had meetings at the Kennel Club who asked what plans we had to improve the health of the breed so it was developed with input from the Breed Clubs as a voluntary assessment, with no pass or fail .The aim was to identify health problems, so efforts could be made to help breeders and pet breeders not to breed two dogs sharing the same health problems or issues. It was meant to be particularly helpful to newcomers to the breed.
As we move on to the present day, the Bulldog Breed Council is now revising their health Certificate to incorporate the Kennel Clubs Breed Watch Items.  The Bulldog is now one of the Kennel Clubs High Profile Breeds (Category 3)
Particular points of concern for individual breeds may include features not specifically highlighted in the breed standard including current issues. In some breeds, features may be listed which, if exaggerated, might potentially affect the breed in the future.
Prior to 2014 the features listed below derived from a combination of health surveys, veterinary advice, a meeting of Kennel Club Group judges, feedback from judges at shows or consultation with individual breed club(s)/councils via the breed health coordinators.
From 2014 the structure of Breed Watch will allow for a greater involvement by judges in the reporting on and monitoring of the points of concern.
Aim of the new Bulldog Breed Council Health & Conformation Scheme.

  • To promote the health and wellbeing of the Bulldog.

  • To promote healthy breeding practice.

  • To enable data collection, to monitor current issues of the Breed and to compare with the past and to make improvements in the future.

  • To Educate both Breeders and Pet Owners. To reward their participation in the scheme by achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

What to do next


  • All dogs to be Kennel Club Registered.

  • All dogs to be microchipped or permanent tattoo.

  • To purchase a Bulldog Breed Council Bronze Health Certificate. One payment of £5.00 covers the cost of the Bronze, Silver and Gold.)

  • On purchase you will have to supply the owners name and current address, the dogs Kennel Club Name and Registration number with date of birth and microchip/tattoo number. (All certificates will be numbered, and all information will be kept by the Bulldog Breed Council Health administrator.