About Us


Our History 

A number of Bulldog clubs decided to form a Breed Council in the 1970's but after a period of a few years it was unable to continue and was disbanded. In 1992 the Kennel Club was actively encouraging clubs to form a Breed Council and in 1993 with most of the clubs participating, the Bulldog Breed Council was formed and has been active ever since.

Our Mission 

The Breed Council is comprised today of 16 Bulldog Clubs in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland registered with the Kennel Club. The Objectives of the Breed Council is to promote the Bulldog of the true type and liaise with the Kennel Club on all aspects of the health and well being of the breed.

The Council meets every four months and is attended by three officials (Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer) one voting delegate plus one other representative from each constituent member club. In addition, the Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer, the BUBA representative, sub-committee members and Canine Press Breed Note writers also attend all the meetings as 'observers'.

'Observers' are welcome to attend council meetings, however they may only participate in discussion at the Chairman's discretion or by Council's request, but without voting rights. 

Membership of the Bulldog Breed Council is open to all Bulldog Club's and Societies registered with the Kennel Club. A full list of club secretaries and contact details can be accessed by clicking on 'Contacts'.